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    Cool priest life swap trick!!!

    Alright i'm sure some of you have thought/herd about this, because I don't even play a priest and i have. I just thought it would be cool to get this little tip/trick out to the masses of spriests on skill capped or at least to a contributor so he can educate you. The trick is, once your low, instead of life swapping to a teammate, you can pop your psyfiend/mind bender/shadowfiend and life swap to it. This can also be done to a mages mirror image (cause shatterplay is strong right now I assume you'll be rolling with a mage alot), a boomkin's shroom or shamman's totem. It acts like a little lay on hands for yourself and can prove really useful in arena. Also, I'm not sure but i think if you have two priests, can't you mind control->life swap? that could be clutch.

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    however I'd like to see it work on MC'd people xD

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