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    Arena: Sac vs Suprem

    Discuss: Just kidding my real question is for arenas doing Destro and Afflic ( in 2s and 3s respectively) is the better option for both specs to use the supremacy because of more pet control? new to arena on my lock (even thought its my first character) just looking for some guidance. And then obviously needing to swap pets based on comp is a must are there any suggestions you would have for which pet i would need in some basic situations that i can teach myself from there?

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    Not saying this is all correct...

    I have been using sac with dark bargain for destro. playing at roughly 1750-1800 mmr in 3's. Mostly playing SPriest, Destro, Rdruid. I generally run with FelHunter most of the time and rarely use any other pet... Only troubles I have had with any comp is War/Hunter/Healer and DK/Hunter/Healer. I keep getting pitted up against 2k mmr teams that always have a hunter in it... I try and silence the hunter to avoid traps on healer or to buy time to catch a trap on healer.

    Never pop Gosac till im ready to burst and we are sure to have a good CC chain lined up and a target that is 50%ish or less. But with my comp... I'm pretty much always the target...

    and as destro... in our comp... we don't pick a target to kill, we just survive and keep dmg pumping on all targets till full embers, then we line up what ever is available. Haven't played any other comps this season, and haven't had a lot of luck with swapping pets a destro. The felhunter eating valuable buffs makes me happy.

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