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    Quote Originally Posted by Antagonise View Post
    What changes would you like to see to MM, out of curiosity?
    is aim shot in need of a buff? or...
    Survivability. Right now with all the stuns in the game and heavy burst, and all melee (besides rogues) being insanely hard to kite, Hunters need to be tankier. Right now as BM it's fine because you have a 1 min CD trinket to break stuns, but as MM you don't have that luxury and you're forced to sit full stuns and tank them all the time, and we're too squishy for that.

    Chimera shot should also do like an 8-10% heal per shot IMO. With how bursty damage/healing is, I don't see this as being a problem, it'd be similar to using spirit mend and give MM something to survive with as say, double dps 2v2 or in duels/bg's.

    3 minute readiness would be great too.

    Slightly more damage on Chimera shot, too.

    With those changes I think it'd be in a really good, balanced spot.

    Also for a general hunter change, Stampede itself should probably be buffed a bit......500 dmg basic attacks from the pets, it almost doesn't even feel like an offensive CD anymore and it's our new MoP ability on a 5 minute CD......really lackluster now, I'd rather have a fun, useful ability like Alter Time, personally.

    I mean it's still a damage boost, in 1v1 situations it's still good, but in group situations with Healers and how easily CC'd the pets are by some classes, it's pretty pathetic at this point in group PvP.

    OH YEAH, and since they're nerfing Lynx Rush, they should really consider making it a single target bleed stack attack. Jumping from target to target, applying a bleed, 54% dmg nerf next patch......really bad idea, it will be useless like that. It needs to be single target.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tosan View Post
    Not true. You said "no one needs KFC vids" - implying it's so faceroll that you can't possibly improve, which is a huge fallacy.

    I didn't realize I had 30 glad feral druids/ret paladins/rogues/dks available to play with. I'm not going to start playing with random people at 1800 rating to dish out half-ass guides on the fly, that would defeat the purpose of the guides entirely. I want to have thorough knowledge/experience of any comp I make a guide for. If you want me to just start crapping out content sure, but we can't actually make unlimited hunter videos so we prefer to make the ones we can make high quality and useful.

    There will be other comp guides, the season is still very young, the first major balance patch hasn't even hit yet. But I've never had a consistent feral, ret, enhance or DK to play with, and I may find more teammates this season but I'm not going to resort to trade chat just to please you. How can I portray the potential of a comp if I'm playing with random inexperienced people? Again, that defeats the purpose of the guides. You'll have to be patient in this regard.
    your taking everything i say wrong and how is this not you being butt hurt?

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