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    TSG vs PMR in the upcoming 5.2 patch

    I know TSG is a really viable comp right now in 3's. But i wanted to ask. With the patch 5.2 coming out soon. Does anyone know what will be good and bad between pmr and tsg ?

    Im a 4 year arena holy pally with really good experience for someone who is still a beginner. And my rating was 1425 last arena last arena tournament season and i earned my vanquisher for it. And before you say anything my rating is low still because i never got my gear for arenas on live but im doing that right now and doing myself a favor so i can get better!

    But im also determined instead of running TSG this year to run PMR on my priest because ive always wanted to run PMR.

    But im not so sure with the upcoming patch what could be some of the ins and outs between these comps. And i know that whats said now isnt guaranteed to be changed in the upcoming patch but atleast i will give me an idea between the choosing of these two!
    Main: 4 year arena experienced holy paladin with vanquisher title earned from the annual World of Warcraft arena tournament. Favorite comp is TSG!

    Secondary:No arena experience yet, but im expected to run PMR for the arena tournament this year!

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    RMP is fun as hell, but you need really good communication from your partners. To succeed, you need to coordinate CC, swaps and cooldowns to set up kill opportunities. It's harder to zerg something down like you would in TSG.
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