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    Ran into an all arms warrior team on Monday night. Easy win for us. Spread them out and took them down one by one. A single DK would have helped them a lot.

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    coffee table comps always sound great when you sit round discussing it with your friends...but then when it comes to playing you get spanked.

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    Played a few 5's games as Demo with a boomy, 2 bm hunters and a mage back at the start of 5.3, pom ring, shadow fury and everyone blowing adds into a beam. Didn't play that many games but lots of fun.

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    Back in WOTLK:

    Disc, Arcane, Ret, Arms, Arms.

    I was the disc, i hid behind a box and spammed prayer of healing + Divine Hymn to stay out of LOS. The 2 warriors 100% of the time ran into the enemy teams biggest mass and SS + Bladestormed. The Arcane mage was full HC PVE Geared and just arcane blast things that tried to run away from the warriors, and the ret just HoJ'd a healer and blew all his CD's.

    We won, or lost, in seconds. worked up to about 1800

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    At the beginning of s14, it was hard to outheal Afflys. So we DOT everything--> win after 1 Min.(2200)

    We also runt 6 Afflys in RBG's.(2100)

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