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    Quote Originally Posted by Portarecaos View Post
    The only reason one player out played 5 other minds is because the 5 other minds were bad and didn't know how to put a comp together didn't know how to play 5s at all. You are obviously just bad (at fives) and don't understand 5s. One guy boxing would NEVER and I mean NEVER get a kill against any team I play 5s with because we would shut his burst down change out talents and glyphs before the match to prepare for the burst. Be ready to play defensive in the beginning to survive the massive burst and then just destroy him once his burst is done. GG. Link one time a multi boxer has taken r1 in 5s. If this was the case it would happen in 3s even more often than 5s. 3 enhance shams would come in hex blow ascendance one shot something then GG but when there are only 3 you just cc 2 kill one or however. Just some people don't have the situational awareness know how of the mechanics oh and the ability of the comp they are playing so they get destroyed by people doing that and streaming it making fun of baddies playing at low ratings.
    ...I apologize for furthering this, but Port: Put away the black goat, the sacrificial lamb and your copy of the Necronomicon. This thread was dead in the ground for almost 13 months. Let it have peace.

    *Begins chanting and sprinkling holy water on the desecrated trainwreck corpse of a thread*

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    Lol alright never looked at how old it was.

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