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    Quote Originally Posted by Krosith View Post
    Back on topic though - personally, I'm gemmed for Int. But that's because I also play Destro, for which Int appears to of a higher weight for than the other specs. However, I can see the argument that Mastery having twice the stats per gem compared to an Intellect gem would make it superior to Intellect for Affliction. It makes sense.

    I'll have to find the time to test this myself, though. Mastery sounds like it might be worth full-gemming, in any case.
    I was watching azaels (im retarded and forgot how to spell it) stream the other day and he said he did some testing and that full int is best for demo and desto. full mastery is better for affliction. i myself did test because i dont have the gold for it but yea i keep up in dps with a mage or a dk in arenas.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Barraj View Post
    Hello. This should answer your question

    I do not understand. That video is for Destro. This thread's question was addressed towards Afflic.
    Personally, I'm going mastery for the moment. By all accounts, it seems to provide the best damage increase for Afflic.

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