Hey, i know this site is normally about arena, but i also do RBG's and maybe some of the community can help me out, does anyone have the general "safest" or "foolproof" strategies for each map?

I can't seem to get out of the 1700-1800 bracket. Atm i amen't even the leader in our RBG's but i'd love to get into it as it seems this is what our team lacks, a proper leader. We have so many individually skilled arena players but it's the getting them to gel together is the problem.

Otherwise, what about target caller tips? I play multiple classes (Mage/dk/Rsham/lock) and am sometimes asked to target call on DK but i either seem to forget about it half way through a fight or just in general do not know who to nuke in the first fight.

If anyone has any tips or exp in this it would be great