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    Re: you make me angry

    I suggest you use the addon MoveAnything. I use scripts personally, but like you said, the target resets after relogging. I press the same macro to reset its position to where it should be every time.

    I use this macro every single time I log in.

    /run TargetFrame:ClearAllPoints() TargetFrame:SetPoint("TOPLEFT", 880, -625)
    /run local f=PlayerFrame; f:ClearAllPoints() f:SetPoint("TOPLEFT", 450, -625) f:SetUserPlaced(true)
    This sets the target and player frame to the coordinates specified. The y axis is negative because the 0,0 point is the top left corner of your screen. Downard vertically is negative.

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    Re: you make me angry

    wow that would be frustrating

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