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    Announcing my World of Warcraft Retirement

    I regret to announce that I will be retiring from World of Warcraft. With the birth of my son, I simply don't have the time to put in the amount of effort I would like to with this game. My love for the competitive nature of arena PvP will probably never go away, but my lack of commitment to the cause has been a barrier to fully enjoying the game. It is with a heavy heart that I move on to other pursuits.

    First off, I’d like to personally thank you, Cel. I really enjoyed helping out and contributing to this fantastic website and community. You have been more than kind to me, and for that I am grateful. It has been a privilege, my friend. Also, running RMP with you will forever be engrained in my memories (not sure if that’s a good thing!).


    And to the rest of the community – please keep this place alive and well. Help each other out and continue to progress. Skill-Capped really is an invaluable asset, and I know I have learned a great deal about how to succeed in PvP.

    This doesn’t have to be goodbye, though! I semi-recently picked up a Wii U in anticipation of some of the great titles that are going to be hitting the platform. Monster Hunter is super addicting and an absolute blast – going from PvP to online Co-Op gameplay is extremely refreshing. Mario Kart 8 is sure to knock my socks off, and I would love to lose to you guys in a few races! Smash Bros. will also be a sure fire hit, and it would be awesome to get some tournaments going. My Nintendo ID is, of course, Rugmouse. Anybody in the Wii U crew look me up! I'm also on Twitter (not that I'm all that active) and you could reach out to me there as well (@Rugmouse).

    Plus, you never know, someday I may come back like Jordan and dust off my poor Rogue.

    My very best, Skill-Capped community,

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    sardius will become famous soon enough
    Best of luck to you, man. I'm quite sure I speak for the entire SC community when I say that you will be missed.

    I hope everything goes well for you and your family

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    Kenny is an unknown quantity at this point
    Good luck Rug!

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    Congratulations! Now you can begin to coach the young one in the ways of the pwn!

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    Sorry I didn't post sooner! I can't tell you how much I appreciate the kind words. This community couldn't be better, and you were truly one of the leaders that shaped the attitude and engagement of the entire community. I believe I speak for everyone when I say that anyone who was an active part of our forums will not forget the name Rugmouse!

    It has always seemed that when one incredible community member leaves, another picks up the torch. I hope that continues.

    Also, since we are a family here, please continue to check back regularly so that we can have input on how you raise our son.

    It was a pleasure dragging your rating down in the short time we played together.

    Forever Accidentally Iceblocking,

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    You will be missed Rugmouse, but real life always comes first
    Big gratz on the kid, and take care with the family ^^

    Who knows, perhaps "fingers crossed" you will return in WoD, after feeling the fingers itch for some pvp

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    *squints into the light as he cracks his small basement window open and reaches his hand out up towards Rugmouse who's standing outside in the sun*

    Go and live your life rug....live for both of us!.....

    *closes his basement window and returns to the darkness that is his wow addiction*

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