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    Something I can watch?

    I subscribed yesterday, and I was pretty stoked being that I'm a pretty sub-par arena player and this is my first PvP season in WoW ever... But none of the videos load on either my IPhone or my computer for some reason, I have no idea why but it's really frustrating does anyone know if i'm missing some kind of computer stuff to watch these videos? It's just annoying, I wanna learn more about not sucking.

    The videos " load " indefinitely. I never see a single frame or hear a sound. I have no idea why.
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    I am terribly sorry you are unable to watch videos from your mobile device. At this time Skill Capped does not support any mobile devices, so you will not be able to watch our videos directly from our site. That being said, there is a fairly simple work around:
    • Go to the app store
    • search for "puffin free" or "puffin browser"
    • download and install
    • Open and navigate to the site, and enjoy!

    I do apologize for the inconvenience, but I am not able to give you a definitive time we will be releasing a mobile version of the site.

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    Hey thank you very much! I'm really glad that worked and i got a response so quickly. Also I wanted to say i managed to view a couple of these videos so far and they are extremely helpful and your content is amazing, thanks you guys for doing this! It's super cool.

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    I know you guys probably have an abundant amount of people that would offer this, but just thought I would throw it out there. I love this site and have taught myself so much from the tips on this site. I would not mind helping you guys get the website to mobile devices, as I am an android and website developer. Just send me a pm if interested, if not well keep the good stuff on this site going!

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