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    Recruitement forum recommendation

    Just 2cents to make the forum a happier and butterflyer place.

    The recruitment section is kinda messy because a user has sometimes to actually read a post to know if he may be concerned about it, or not. One solution could be to create 4 subforums, read the messages and migrate them to their respective section, and create complexity. Here's a dumb 5 minutes solution.

    Go to the Recruitment forum section, and edit the title of the 16 user posted threads that are on the first page to a pattern like
    [{EU, US} - {A, H}] Original title
    • Short term result: More readabilty.
    • Mid term result: Lead by exemple. If the pattern/structure/whatever is obvious, more if not all will follow it.
    • Long term result: The recruitment section will get easier to use, attracting players all around the interwebz.

    Protip: Display a message just above the [Post new Thread] button that says something along the lines of
    The more informative your title is, the more likely you are to get answers. Indicate your region/faction, and if you know what classes you search, the rating you want to play, or any useful information, including it in the title. Look at other titles to get inspired!

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    That's a really good idea. I'm going to make those changes now and hopefully people catch on and continue the trend.

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