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    5x is viable train heal

    we are ,,,, arms / enhance / (hunter or dk) / druid heal / paly heal ......
    We can train shammys and druids ?
    iam starting x5 ,,,, dont know to much yet....

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    As TSG (War/DK) and Turbo (War/Enh) are both good at killing healer, it could be a viable strategy. I don't play 5s however. When doing so, the DPSes should still be aware at what they can do to help reduce incoming damage and CC, such as the warrior charging stuff (of course your stunt will be needed on the kill target in this comp), the DK gripping stuff and the shaman using his kick on secondary targets (and his tremor usefully, not for his own only).

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    You can train shamans but I'm not sure how well you will do when trying to train druids because of their mobility. However you can probably swap to a druid, force skin and then swap back to them when they are off stun DR instead of trying to train them.

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