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    5v5 and healer positioning

    Just wanted to hear from some healers that are high rated in 5v5 about healer positioning. started pushing in 5s and some healers stand on the opposite side of pillars than myself, which prevents them from *ever* dispelling me, and me having to feather and get theirs. course being on the same side of the pillar isnt that great when your up against a priest team.
    Any tips? Videos? thanks guys!

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    There's usually a pattern in 5s where one healer plays really defensive and hugs the pillar on their side of the map as much as possible and the other healer plays offensive and assists with cc. The other options is for both healers to play really defensive and only focus on keeping their teammates alive while sitting both sitting behind their pillar (or on separate pillars on the same side of the map - think Nagrand arena) and making sure to keep each other out of cc. It's a lot safer to play like this and you'll usually have a much easier time keeping your teammates alive if you both play defensive near your own pillar. When doing this you should make sure you're using your cc on the dps close to you or just being smart in general with your cc to coincide with whatever it is your dps teammates are trying to achieve when your cc is ready.

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