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    Resto shaman 2350 push need advice/looking for team

    Hey skill-capped team, Jacoblolx here from derpspear.. Darkspear*
    anyways, i've recently gotten into 5s and found a lot of fun with it (going for my arena master) and i found out its rather easy to push. I'm now looking for the right comp i should pair myself with to push that magical 2350 for gladiator title this season (currently at 2180 cr) and was thinking maybe skill capped has the answer! as always im a resto shaman and will not change spec nor classes to go with the status of the game.

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    Look for 3DPSes with good synergy. You can find it by looking at 2DPS comps in 2s, 3DPS comps in 3s, and combination of all of it. If A/B, B/C and A/C are all good comps, A/B/C will be a very good comp
    • Rogue Mage sPriest (RMX, Shatter, RPS)
    • Warrior DK Hunter (TSG, XHD, KFC)
    • Warrior Mage Warlock (WMX, MLX, WLX)
    • Warrior EnhShaman Hunter (Turbo, Beast, KFC)
    • Warrior EleShaman Mage (Thunder, Shatter, WMX)

    Then for healers, as you are a shaman you are already giving to the you team constant, powerful healing, Tremor, one lib, interrupts and hex. Go for a healer that complements you and that is useful for the others.

    If playing Warrior/DK/Hunter, a hPally will be appreciated for even more libs on the warriors.
    If playing RMsP, a rDruid will be appreciated for the clones allowing pretty hefty switches.
    If your playing without a warlock/sPriest, a hPriest's fear can be devastating.

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