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    Help against heavy melee teams

    We are running resto Druid (me), holy paladin, boomy, destro lock, Mage and we are having a rough time against heavy melee teams. For example we faced war, ret, mm hunter,mistweaver monk, holy pally one day and got completely raped. We are playing at 2.1k mmr
    It also doesn't help that we played them at Dalaran sewers and ruins or lorderon every single game.

    Also with this comp how should we be setting up our kills? Sometimes my team gets a little flustered and they tend to just switch targets every 30 seconds which can't be to efficient...?

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    Your lock should play affliction and you should be aiming to dot the whole team to get pressure and when going for kill attempts make sure your co-ordinating your deep freeze with hoj/clone/cs/poly etc on healers so for example you said your struggling vs warr/ret/mm/mw monk/hpala. What i would probably do in your position is use deep freeze for CC into maybe a poly or CS on one healer with maybe a bash/clone or fear on the other healer for example. Then your paladin can use HoJ on the kill target if they are in your face which means the pala isnt over extending to try and CC and getting caught in the open.

    Against any heavy melee team you normally are trying to survive the opening pressure then you can start to build pressure yourselves. A good point to make here is that your team a whole has a ton of spammable CC to make sure your rotating it on the appropriate dps to stop damage etc. Also the enemy team in this particular matchup doesnt have a tremor so you could consider getting a gateway on top of them to gate in and howl them or even shadowfury fear.

    Your main kill target in this matchup will be the hunter but always look for opportunitys to switch to anybody who is over extending, low on hp or has no trinket to get out of 1 of your many stuns.

    I strongly suggest your warlock goes affliction for your setup as destro is a very gimmicky 1 shot spec and any decent team will easily be able to shut down his demonsoul. Also affliction gives dispel protection with unstable affliction meaning the other team wont be able to dispel as much as they want to due to taking alot of damage from dispelling the UA and their whole team will be rotting. Your fears will also be covered with UA making it less likely the enemy will spam dispel your fears.

    Hope this helps
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