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    Question What Healer should i go with?

    Where do everyone find comp lists that are up-to-date?

    I`m going in for full on the PvP scene and me and my friends have problems finding the "optimal" comp.
    We are all ca.1900-2000 rated and we are getting good on communication
    and learning each others playstyle.

    I play mainly Healer (all classes).
    Partner 1 have - - - .
    Partner 2 have - - - - Ele.

    We usally go with: - Frost - .
    Im not sure if its my foult we cant get higher or the lack off peel/assistance when getting Bursted.
    The others prefere their class and spec, but im not sure if the druid is the way to go.

    Should i go with or instead? Criticism can be helpfull and link comp-lists and so on

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    In WoD my biased opinion tells me that will be very strong!

    The reasoning behind this is that for most mage comps in WoD you need a class that can:
    Stun -->
    Silence -->
    and also be able to assist with CC effects such as fear!

    But the metagame is changing so much as soon as we get to level 100!
    From experience melee comps are often strong in the first seasons, with wizards overtaking as we reach the end!
    So in order to find out what healer you should play, find first out what your friends REALLY want to play. Then, list up what each class brings to the team --> then you can find a healer that fills in the caps! You have 2 DPS with no silence/blanket? Play priest! You have 2 DPS with no stuns? Play paladin! etc. etc!

    If you are looking for Prideful Comps:

    Hope this helps you out, and as always let me know if you have anymore questions regarding this!


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