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    Instead of a comp vid, I'd like to see a "how to win vid"

    I'm roughly 2200-2300 on Warrior & Warlock this season.. I like Skill-Capped, it helps to make it easy to learn the classes I want to play. However, I think something that should be beneficial is a video on how to approach an arena match in general.

    I find that I keep getting told, "Once you know how to win, games get easier". Though, I find this is be very subjective and I'm curious if there's a general structure or guideline to approaching a match correctly.

    For instance, how do you make a strategy with new-found teammates? I would assume a well hashed out video on that topic alone would help the majority of us greatly, despite it being obvious/common sense based. It's statistically harder to make mistakes when you go into a match knowing a general strategy and I've found that when I successfully get into any match and my trade-chat partners play a strategy that they've taken the time to think of/remember and the games just end up being exceedingly easy.

    Anyway, just my two cents. I would definitely like to complete all of my arena tab achievements.

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    I like that idea and it's probably something I would want to work on myself at some point. However it's veery likely that a video like this wouldn't be broad enough to cover every instance of this this topic. For example if I made a video playing ret rogue priest and just went over how me and my team mates come up with strategies over time to beat enemy teams that we've been struggling with, and how we develop synergy etc. although it would be useful to a lot of people, the video wouldn't cover a single ability that a warrior mage druid team would use and so if you're playing warrior mage druid you may feel like a lot of what I covered in my video doesn't apply to you even though it actually does. This is one of the most difficult issues that we're tackling as we move forward into the new expansion, that is having videos that everyone can understand does apply to their own game play even though it seems like it may not.

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