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    More of a Site Change Request

    So I guess this is the best place to put this. My request is more of a site change request. With the changes to the way videos are being released (in chapters). Would it be possible to have the site change to reflect that. So the home page would simply be all of the class icons (and the ability to show all), you click on an icon and it brings you to a page that has the videos listed in a skill-based order. There could also be a sorting option that allows newest- oldest, beginner, intermediate, advanced, arena, bg, etc. Once there are 15-30 new videos per class it will be kind of annoying trying to find the page you want of the video. Another option could be maybe a "favorites" folder. Please feel free to put other site suggestions that could improve the synergy of the site with the new ways to release videos in the comments below.

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    We have lists similar to that on the class guides section. All videos that we've planned as part of our chapters can be found here: http://www.skill-capped.com/classguides/

    If a chapter doesn't include a video yet then it won't show up on the list but these lists will continue to be filled out as we move through the season.

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