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    Balance druid arena 3s request

    Balance druid in 3's has changed a a lot. From cc dr'ing, to managing procs. The comps have changed drastically and you can now play with burst comps more than the tradition lsd2 with the changes to WoD boomkins. But I'm having trouble adapting to our downtime in these burst comps such as "dancing with the stars" (rogue/boomkin/priest). Since our star fall got nerfed and it sharing procs with our starsurge I really don't see it being valued unless you are playing a rot comp as much as your starsurges, and with the 4 set nerfed its even more important to manage your procs to vamp up to your burst. So my question and request is how should be managing these procs and what do we do in the downtown to still maintain pressure and stay offensive? Remember the Balance spec is completely different than it was in MoP, its almost like a whole new play style besides doting everything.
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