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    6.1 Patch - Warrior, Hunter, and Spriest buffs, Burst of Speed Nerf


    Barrage damage has been increased by 21%.
    Exhilaration now instantly heals for 30% of max health (up from 22%).
    Glaive Toss damage has been increased by 25%.
    Powershot damage has been increased by 62%.

    Slam (Arms) damage has increased by 43%.
    Avatar now lasts 20 seconds with a 1.5-minute cooldown (up from lasting 24 seconds with a 3-minute cooldown).


    Auspicious Spirits (Shadow) no longer cause Shadowy Apparitions to not deal damage. Instead, it now increases Shadowy Apparition damage by 100% in addition to still granting 1 Shadow Orb.
    Divine Star (Shadow) damage increased by 20%.
    Mindbender lasts for 20 seconds (up from 15 seconds).
    Surge of Darkness now has a 12% chance to trigger (up from 10%).
    Void Entropy (Shadow) damage increased by 80%.
    Void Tendrils' health has increased by 30%.


    Burst of Speed now has a 3-second cooldown.

    Well, flat out buffs to the most powerful PvP classes, that's sweet. Get used to KFC! Guess the nerf to Warrior mastery didn't go through - I for one welcome our KFC overlords.

    Burst of Speed was obscenely powerful, good to see it toned down.

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    I wouldn't worry too much about these warrior changes. First, they're putting lipstick on a pig. The fundamental design issues with Arms remain unchanged and changing damage numbers won't fix it. Second, they're geared towards the PVE crowd.

    The Slam buff is kinda meh. I think Sudden Death still pulls ahead because Execute is affected by mastery and Slam isn't. So I doubt that's changing.

    The Avatar buff is more interesting. 1.5 minutes is still a long CD, but it's a damn sight better than 3 minutes. Unless we're playing with a class that has freedom or are playing a gnome, I think Bladestorm pulls ahead. Avatar will do more single target damage, but Bladestorm's immunity to cc probably trumps it.

    So, buffs are nice, but mostly geared towards PVE. PVP Arms is still exactly where it was. Still the most godforsaken boring-ass spec in the world.

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    Hmmm, how would the Avatar change work for those handsome, wonderful people that like to play glad or prot spec in arenas? >.>

    Also, glad/prot guide plix.

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    Just recently started playing warrior pvp , though i started off as Arms, im now playing fury which is a bit more fun. Which spec do you guys find the most powerfull for pvp ?

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