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    Thumbs down Blizz forcing players into PvE?

    Hi there,

    since i can not post in blizzard forums (never been banned or whatever) i was wondering what all of you guys think about things like the legendary ring, ilvl 695 gear for PvE & PvE tier gear looking better than conquest gear in comparison to PvP rewards?, cause i've seen a few contributors recommend PvE gear OVER the ones you could get with PvP.
    please comment and if you do not agree with my comment underbuild your comment with why you think that so i could get this out of my head and play WoW like i always used to
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    We're actually working on some changes along these lines for Patch 6.1, which should be hitting the PTR relatively soon (but possibly not in today's build). PvE gear will be scaled down to item level 680 instead of 690, and Primal Combatant/Primal Gladiator trinkets are having their power increased.

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    Given that pve gear over a certain ilvl is scaled down, I really don't see pve gear as an issue currently. PVE gear prior to MoP and for a little while in mid MoP has always been an issue, though it's less an issue now than ever before imo.

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