hey guys
I was just reading the early patchnotes on MMO champ and i must say i was very happy about most specs / classes that will get nerved. ( i know patchnotes are early and a lot will change ) yet there the core stays the same most of the time so most classes that get nerved in PTR will get nerved in retail.
while i was scrolling trough the patchnotes i found something disturbing , for me at least . i only played thugcleave this season since it seemed less brainless to me than PHP , KFC , jungle etc. i kind of enjoyed it because of the smoke > kill mechanics. but now im seeing this :

hunter will get a 20% nerv on murder of the crows and barrage.
rogue gets a little damage buff but now can be cced in killingspree.

since i liked playing with a combat rogue im not so happy about this im all in for making my class less retarded so was hoping to see a hunter change. yet i dont think combat rogue needed this nerv since most rogues arent combat anymore in pvp ( in my experience )

and since a lot of classes get there survival abilities bursted there just seems no way to kill a dps in 1 good planted cc chain / smoke bomb ( a warrior for instance ) .

again i know that the game needs to change since the way it is rightnow is just boring . but im not sure this is the way. cuz it seems the damage that hunter is losing will be filled up by the insane damage that feral are going to get or compensated by the sick survive of a warrior so i dont see the point.

think jungle will be awesome again btw , atleast if you downed your rating last patch cuz it doesnt do retarded damage anymore. then hurry to MMO champ and read the patchnotes and just laugh. Feral king of the jungle <3 FML

what do you guys think ?

sorry for bad english ^^