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    Pretty surprised that this place isn't blowing up about the banhammer that smashed a bunch of botters like ArenaJunkies is. People should probably do a quick role-call to see how many contributors are actually left playing.

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    It's pretty horrendous in my opinion. These people I looked up to as players are nothing but liars. Take Baliamos, I was amazed at his record of 40 - 0 in RBGs. I thought he was extremely talented and competent but in the end he was botting so people would watch his twitch and donate money to him. It's disgusting. Gladiator is now 2300 on some battlegroups, which shows how many people in the upper echelons were cheating.

    Then you have the people who don't cheat wondering why they can't break 2400. Well it's simple, you're being out played by a computer. There's an example on here in one of Elitexd's videos when he's playing against a hunter who tranqs his sac instantly (by less than .1 seconds of applying hand of sacrifice) and the hunter did it twice.

    Those people shouldn't be allowed to play the game anymore in my opinion and I truly hope they're too lazy to make new accounts. I don't want to play when my opponent has an unfair advantage.

    The worst part is these people are proud to have botted. Like their arrogance runs so deep it's just ridiculous. They actually had a stream up with all the pvpers who got banned over Skype dissing blizzard as if they deserve to cheat and stay on top of the leaderboards. Punk ass kids, like I don't know man, it just irks me to see the people who I once admired turn out to be a bunch of lying cocksuckers. Honestly, if I saw any of these guys like in RL I would probably have a heated conversation with them and call them out for what they did.

    As upset with these people as I am, the bright-side is they got banned, and deserved it. If they do make another account, they probably won't bot again. And It'll be good because then we can really see how bad they actually are at the game without their crutches. Which paves the way for people who don't cheat.

    fucking assholes.

    EDIT: You see that video that skill-capped is recruiting for contributors? XD
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    I'm also surprised this is not being discussed at length here at SC, but the forums haven't been active in a very long time soo it actually should really not have surprised me that much...

    But Jaesse, dude I feel you when you see that your image of these very skilled and talented players have been crushed but think this through. If the entire rating drops this just means that they would still be on top. I believe that if and when the more popular and high rated players come back to play and they play the game straight up they will still be on top. Botting helps but is it still only one of the many vehicles helping towards gaining the advantage. Giving a retard a kickbot still doesn't make him a gladiator or R1 His positioning would still be terribad etc and good players will still punish them for it. These "high-rated" botters were all competing against other botters (if the rating/leaderbords did indeed drop as much as you say) so they advantage they thought they had was infact countered and thus useless Which means winning and losing came down to human error as it always have been

    The following I'm about to say is not meant as a offence towards you so please dont take it that way But chances are that the players you once look upped to and have now fallen will still prolly beat you playing the game straight up. So they are prolly still better in a game that you like playing and for that there is some ground to look up to imo

    Just set your targets on getting a chance against them to truely see what they are made of and more important how well you match up against them

    For me personally nothing will change because I'm more focussed on what I can do better to increase by chances for the wins. Things like improving my bad positioning or bad decision making. None of which are truely affected by queing up against a kickbotter To improve these things I can still logon to twitch and check out the streams of these cheaters as they are way better at it then me

    Just my 2 cents

    btw I'm no fan-boy nor have I ever cheated in my long years in WoW My account and time spent in it makes it totally not worth it to risk a ban for a few more wins just because I interrupted CC's which covered for my bad positioning or offensive setup.

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    There is still people Botting today, and you did have a point Gerith that some of the top tier guys could beat a low 2k guy however it does give people who may be 1800 in low 2ks and low 2ks into 2200-2400. because the CC is perfect chains no hard cast allowed in LOS, perfect timed damage rotations with multiple cc built in there no ability to juke. Throw an auto bot on a healer where he nearly gets burst in an opener because of perfectly timed interrupts and it makes them only have to move and in some cases they are not even moving there own character.

    So yes some of them maybe could beat lower ranked guys but they could never be up there with People like Elitexd who has lots of chips to go with his dip. The botters lose points for having to cheat no surprise either that about 90% of the bots are alliance. Play the FOTM and cheat while your at it.

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