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    Hello Skillcapped

    So the time has now come, I need the last achiv for my Arena Master title. I need 2.2k in 5s >.<

    So basicly I'm after tips and such regarding comps i can run. I'm thinking something like this:

    1. Warrior / Ele Sham / Affli / R-sham / R-drood
    Warr/Rsham is good in 2s and LSD1 is decent in 3s.

    2. Rouge / Boomkin / Affli / R-sham / Disc
    Affli/rsham is good in 2s and Dancing with the stars is good in 3s.

    3. DK / Ele Sham / Affli / R-sham / R-drood.
    DK/Rsham is decent in 2s and LSD1 is decent in 3s.

    Any toughts on this? Is there anything else u think would be better or something in these comps u would just replace?
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    You will probably want to run with a Warrior as one of your DPS. Having a MS effect + spread pressure will help you win games.

    Alternatively, you could play with a Mage and a Rogue.

    Rogue/Mage/Lock/Druid/Resto Shaman might be a comp you might want to consider.

    Warrior/DK/Lock/HolyPaladin/Resto Shaman might also be strong.

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