First up, as someone who subbed for 1 month just to see some relavent content be posted, hoping to see some destro content... at least 1 patch after it's been a viable spec. Might give a reason to resub for another month.

There are a lot of changes coming down the pipeline... for a lot of specs. Hard to see what the new meta will even look like. One of the two playstyles you see on destro is going away since they felt like completely getting rid of instant cast spam destro. Tried it out in some BGs and wasn't the biggest fan anyway, no huge loss.

Chaos bolt spec doesn't seem to be affected by much anything 7.1.5 is bringing, other than a notable few tweaks I'm actually excited about.

I don't expect this to work vs any reasonably good team that's prepared for it, but for you more experienced destro locks out there...

How does the 25s CD Firestone sound? A Havoc conflag>mortal coil>(soul harvest+firestone, maybe nether ward if you're worried for either trash dispel protection or counter CC reflect) chaos bolt x2 + conflag(hope for conflagration of chaos, big dmg increase during firestone) seems like an extremely potent all-in cleave, at least on paper. Especially considering firestone buffs your rifts.

Yes, every offensive damage cd we have is for some reason dispellable, but with some short duration cross CC seems relatively easy and secure to pull off. Stuff like AMS and spell reflect would have to be popped on the havoc conflag, and thus can be baited with havoc's relatively short CD without committing. Even to get trinkets/defensives, you'll have a firestone shortly after every havoc CD, and definitely every coil.

Personally kind of excited for 7.1.5 Destro for comps that aren't aff FLS(excited for a few aff changes as well, notably an extreme single target pressure buff that could be useful if it sees play).

What are y'alls thoughts?