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    What do I do vs. melee cleaves?

    Should I be actively kiting them somehow or just absorbing the damage and hoping my team can peel? I try to keep siphon on all targets and then use my gate, however every melee has like 5 gap closers so it feels like gate is useless? I could portal into gate but they can still close the gap mostly and the CD is huge for a short relief.

    I did watch the "Defensive plays" but I still feel like I'm missing something. Most of the time I'm sitting with 2 melees connecting me 100% and going hard. Is this because I need better peels from my team or can I do something better?

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    If your paired with a SP then your only defense is a strong offense..You can port, wait then gate, then use your pet stun (if its necessary). The damage you and your team put out should be enough to kill one of the targets. Your priest is free casting as they are using every interrupt on you as it keeps you from building shields. Just don't panic and use your CD's too quickly or your dots wont be up long enough for one of them to die. IMO if your not with a SP against double melee your going to have a hell of a time surviving.

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