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    Beast Cleave Questions

    Saw Beastcleave as one of Enhance best comps but there's no videos on it.

    Do I generally play Root or Cap Totem with a Marks Hunter?

    Should the Hunter play Wyvern or Binding Shot?

    Does the Hunter ever play scatter shot?

    Originally we ran ride the lightning / sidewinders for max overall dps, now we're leaning more towards pure single target builds with static cling / trick shot so we don't break cc. Is pure single damage the right way to play the comp or should we cleave?
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    Hi there! These are very good questions and most are very situational but i'll go into detail to give you a better understanding.

    In regards to root or cap, usually cap totem can be very powerful to use on healers out of trap. However good teams or certain compositions could kill this easily, or maybe u play with a healer that can stun, so using roots against double melee teams can be nice, i'd say im usually always cap unless we're against a melee team that we struggle to survive against, in which case i'd play root.

    Wyvern is a very powerful tool when hunter is struggling to get a trap on the healer. Unfortunately enh isn't as good as other melee with helping hunter get a trap, so playing wyvern can help a lot. Binding again can be strong when needing a stun for defensive reasons.

    I dont think i've seen him play scatter shot, but again could be good in some situations.

    The cleaveing specs can be great for the double melee compositions, but mostly i think the single target builds benefit more, as the main goal of beastcleave is getting cc on healer and bursting a target down. I'm usually static cling with the lightning bolt build for max single target dps. Some comps such as uh dk ww or warrior though could be nice to be the cleave build, as you will be hitting both melees anyways and can create more pressure making it harder for the enemy healer to deal with.

    As a summary as you can see, your specs are situational and you have to look at your win condition when it comes to terms of specs. Can take these guidelines and then maybe make some changes against certain comps that u struggle against!

    Hope this helps!

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