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    RBG Advice

    Hey Everyone,

    I have been new to RBGs as a lock this season, so in general I was wondering if destro or affliction was overall better. I have played destro 90% of the games, because overall I have performed better and have been able to pump out massive damage team fighting using the cremation/fire and brimestone build. Now that I am playing between 2050-2300 MMR I have noticed almost every lock I go against is playing affliction, but it is hit or miss if they do massive damage. To play affliction effectively, what build should I be using in RBGs? We are running the same team comp that was recently posted in the general discussion forum, and they have chosen to run with a Lock(me) instead of a shadow priest.

    2 Demon Hunters (2x DPS or 1 DPS/1 Tank on FC maps)
    1-2 Rogues (Any spec works but Assassination better on node maps)
    1 Warrior/DK/Ret(edited)

    Shadow Priests and Affliction Warlocks and MM hunters are good
    Mages are okay

    Best healers are Holy Priests, followed by Mistweaver Monks


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    Hey, I spoke to Wallirikz and he confirmed that affliction is currently the best spec in RBGs.

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