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    Affliction 2v2 - worth it?

    I am playing 2s with my resto friend so that we can transition into 3s easier. We're going to be playing 2s for a couple of weeks (at least) while we both get used to our classes so we can avoid a little bit of the LFG toxicity.

    1. Is it worth playing Affliction in 2v2? What spec is better with an Rsham?
    2. I heard the single target damage build for aff is the only viable build. What are the talents for this?

    Thanks for any input!

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    Affliction works ok in 2's I have played with resto shaman and holy paladin up to around 2k. Single target build is not the only viable build for 2's either. Of you are going to run single target, I feel the only defining talents are maliphic grasp, contagion and rot and decay. For a rot build maliphictake agony and corruption talents.

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    Hey, I spoke to Wallirikz and he said that both destro and demo work with a resto shaman in 2s.

    As for the single target affliction build, he said that its a meme that people fall for - there are many different variations of an affliction build but the key talents are contagion + rot and decay. You dump UAs and drain to extend them for big damage. You can go further and pick malefic grasp + soul harvest+ death's embrace as well, but eventually you fall so far off how affliction is meant to be played you'll be extremely ineffective at doing anything at all.

    Hope this helps!

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