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    Battle for Azeroth Pre Order is out who to use 110 token on???????

    Hey was just curious who everyone is using their 110 token on for pre order!! im rolling a ELE Shaman my first dps class ill use in arena hoping its a smooth transition haha jk i got my work cut out for me. What are you roll?

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    I still have my token, not sure what to use it on! I already have every class so I would have to boost something I already have. I'm probably going to wait and see if I decide to pick up an alt at high level towards the end of this expansion and then I'll boost another one of those classes on horde (all of my alt classes are on alliance).

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    i used it on my first char ever.
    He was a UD warrior benched for over 10 years and now i am lf pvp guides :P

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