So I know the play style for Aff and Destro RBGs is fairly straight forward. But even though I've mained Demo for the whole xpac I feel it's far less obvious. I even find myself drastically changing talents constantly in randoms to see what works best but still can't decide. I had a look at the RBG ladder for last season and noticed there is a few people that do play Demo at high ratings. I normally don't really do them. But a bunch of my friends have come back to the game recently and have asked me to play some RBGs with them and they have previous High Warlord exp so we'll probably do fairly well. But Destro and Aff are fairly boring to me and not too interested in playing them. So I was wondering do we know what talents are Demo generally playing? And what is their usual role? To spread damage with doom and darkglare and control healers. Or to pump 100 imps into kill target and try 1 shot him with a massive TKC?

Thanks for any insight!