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    TSG vs Boomkin/Rogue/Hpally

    Edit: this is in the DK thread because I'm curious as to specific things I can do differently.

    We fought and lost to this team twice. First time we tried focusing damage on boomkin while I was basically just throwing a chains on him after the warrior would charge. They just put such insane pressure on the warrior and we couldn't kill the boomkin.

    Second game I wanted to try something different (I was wrong) by splitting dps and having me on the rogue and make it a 2v2 kinda war/pally vs boomkin/pally. Unfortunately I found out that it was impossible for me to keep the rogue off the warrior. Between freedom, cloak, and spam cleansing I basically was useless for any kind of peeling.

    We didn't get to fight them a third time but we were thinking of just going with our motto of.. "if it doesn't work.. train the healer."

    As far as swaps are concerned.. both games we didn't really have a chance.. I think I got one death gripped holy light swap to the paladin forced bubble but the rogue had a kidney or dismantle and the paladin freedomed away and I'm pretty sure HoJ was on cd.

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    Leeka is an unknown quantity at this point
    Im running Moonkin DK Hpaladin so "kinda" similar. I find the main reason we lose to a TSG is they burn the paladin... pop his bubble kill him etc. 90% they usually do sit on me, and we do end up killing the warrior... usually

    But with the rogue, they have a bit better CC than my time .

    If possible, have the warrior fear during the starfall.. moonkin will trinket it.. Paladin stun him asap and hope the paladin doest cleanse it

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