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    growl hunter pets

    so.... I am a 2400 rdruid now from 2k from skillcapped and friends. I have a macro I want you to look over for me. To help me vs jungle and cupid. Will this work for wyrven sting and cupid for wyrven sting and traps.
    #showtooltip growl
    /cast [@arenapet1] Growl
    /cast [@arenapet2] Growl
    /cast [@arenapet3] Growl
    /cast [@arenapet4] Growl
    /cast [@arenapet5] Growl
    /cast [@arenapet6] Growl
    I am a 2700+ washed warrior and macros like these used to break hunter cc.

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    It was working in Legion, not sure if it still works now in BfA.

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