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I have mouse wheel for myself and my party. I’d like to modify to shift up or down and press mouse wheel for dispel.
So for this I have the following:

/cast [mod:shift,@party1,help] Purify spirit; [mod:shift,@party1,harm] purge; [mod:ctrl,@party2,help] purify spirit; [mod:ctrl,@party2,harm] purge; purify spirit.

I have the help harm there in case they are Mind Controlled, as this will remove it from my friends. If you have this on your key bind for which ever keybind you put your dispel on it will do all of the above. The only thing you will want to make sure, shift+keybind and ctrl+keybind is not bound on the bars.

as a disclaimer to this, last week I had issues with ctrl mod and purify spirit on my rsham, but not ctrl mod for purify on disc priest. But it has been since resolved.