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    whats resto druid's speciality

    so every healer is good at something. discs do a lot of dmg, monks can make setups with sap legsweep on healer, etc... as Rdruid what should i focus on? is Rdruid better at avoiding cc? should i try to cyclone more? pre-hotting so that my team can keep being agressive even when am in cc? what is my speciality as a Rdruid? basically how can i assist my team even indirectly, or should i just sit back and heal?
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    Resto Druids are good at:

    - Being a heal bot and keeping their team alive without being cc'd themselves
    - Pushing in and helping set up kills with cross cc
    - Staying alive when melee attempt to kill them

    It just takes experience to know when you should be switching between each of these things. Your comp also plays a part as you shouldn't really be pushing for cc all the time when playing turbocleave, but if you're playing RMD it may be necessary to always go for follow up and cross cc.

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