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    ID Gear

    Best way to farm your ID gear or just pray to the RNG gods?


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    Do you mean Azerite gear when you say "id"?
    If so best way is through world quests/mythics.
    The strongboxes from arena can drop them also, but they're lower Ilevel normally and pretty rng.
    As for the other non-azerite pieces, just farm arena to get as high rated as you can for the best weekly chest reward, and hope for some good rng for pieces to drop after a win.
    Normally the best azerite traits are better than taking something with higher ilevel with a worse trait.
    And finally remember to take the bonus rolls!

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    Yeah he means the "Inevitable Demise" azerite gear; the must-have traits for warlock pvp atm. I got mine by running the mythic dungeons that drop them with 3 other clothies that didnt need the piece i did and one tank. You can also get lucky from emmisary quests, but it all kinda comes down to RNG, which sucks. Any other class you'd typically be able to get away with playing without a specific azerite trait, but locks kinda require the one shot that drain gives atm so we need those pieces.. 340 or not.

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