I've recently come back to the after a very short hiatus (8.0 update meant I could no longer run the game. But now I have a new PC woo!). I've watched the guides here of course already. I've just hit 119 so getting ready to get into it. I'll mostly be playing Demo. I can tell that it's not as popular as Destro or Aff but I've always loved Demo a lot. The only stream I can really find is Mgodx. But I notice he is very often playing succy in a lot of matches. Is that because his warrior already has stuns. Is it because there is a plethora of Rshams and tremor is back? Is it just simply more dps now? I've tried checking out armouries of other locks. Notably Sosserri but it is hard to gather too much info from them especially when they are in a different spec half the time.

Secondly how viable is RLD as that is what I'll be playing. My guess is it will be a dampening comp. How do they go in the meta at the moment?

I'll learn a lot as I actually start playing but just want to get an understanding of these things to get a head start if I can.

Thanks for any tips