Iím currently running thug with disc healer and the problem is that we just donít have enough peels to stay alive between goes. Really our biggest peel is my pet stun and thatís only every 1 min. And if a cc chain gets messed up or I miss a trap, it seems to put our disc so far behind that he canít recover. Now they are trying to get me to level my mage for pmr, and I really really HATE the current mage playstyle and love my hunter. We are all 2k+ capable (disc 2.4, me 2.2, rogue 2k) and we are all friends in RL so I hate to let them down, but I am loving the way SV feels but we are hardstuck at 1750 right now. I would love a video of defensive gameplay and when to push and when to sit back against both melee cleaves and caster cleaves. Thank you for your time.