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    Need Help vs Melee Cleaves

    Hello Everyone,

    If you guys remember, a few weeks ago I posted about trying to learn mage. I feel like I've improved a lot from where I've started. However, now I'm in a bracket(Rival) where I'm facing what seems like nothing but Melee Cleaves... A whole lot of Warrior/DH/X or Turbo... I've been playing mainly RMP and some FMP both as fire. Any tips on what I can do to turn around these games? I'm slightly above 50% w/l but the games we win seem more about the other team messing up than me actually playing it well.

    Any advice helps! I'm using the cookie cutter Fire build 3/2/1/1/3/3/3 and 99% of the time I turn Temp/Control Burn/GP.

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    Melee cleaves are always hard for fire, because you don't have the slows that frost mage has. You want to play aggressive in these match ups because your essentially on a time clock because you cant kite that well as fire, so your priest will go oom.

    Also I wouldn't play Greater pyro vs these comps as its unlikely you would get it off, id play temp,controlled burn + netherwind armor.

    FMP isn't the best comp at the moment, so id avoid playing it if you can, RMP is way better!

    So in conclusion, play aggressive, make sure your priest is playing dark and is pushing for fears, kidney off cool down, and have good communication with your healer, so he can grip you away when you don't have any more blinks. Make sure your sheeping the healer off cool down pretty much, and using your CS whenever you have it!

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