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    surv azerite traits

    Hi Guys,

    just wandering what traits i should be running. are the pvp traits actually any good how do you go about determining which trait is the best etc pve is easy you just sim it or use bloodmallet what do you do for pvp. would be good to know so i dont have to ask everytime they change something.


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    From what I've seen, people usually run with 1x Wilderness survival and either 2x blur of talons or 2x latent poison. However there are a few other traits which works fine. Check https://www.worldofwargraphs.com/sv/...al/2200-rating

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    PvP traits are more difficult because alot of them aren't used just to increase overall DPS, some traits increase "Burst" damage, so alot of its personal preference, but Id go for 1 Wilderness + 2 Latent for your azerite traits, most top rated survival hunters are using these.

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    You should run atleast 1x Wilderness with either 1x Battlefield Precision, 1x Latent(or 2) or 1x Blur of talons or whatever the name is. Its not that you will increase 200 rating by just swapping traits

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    cool thanks

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