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    Quote Originally Posted by Mystic View Post
    I actually made a ton of progress on the PHP guide (it was around 50% done and just needed gameplay) but PHP ended up becoming a really bad comp once the ret "one shot" was nerfed - not a single team got rank 1 as PHP in Europe after the nerfs and the entire guide became redundant because PHP no longer worked in the same way.
    So is the RMP guide coming out next week?

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    The comment you quoted me on was in reference to a PHP vs. RMX guide. As for the RMX guide, we did release one (http://www.skill-capped.com/watch/12...-to-get-rank-1) but we ended up turning into a guide on just the RMPala variant as RMPala was different enough from RMP to warrant a separate guide.

    We'll be getting an RMP guide out at some point this season. It'll be one of the first ones we work one as it's one of the best comps right now. The one we're doing first is ele mage druid.

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