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    Rogue / Mage vs Demon Hunters and/or Disc Priests

    Is DH counter to rogue? I find it extremely difficult to deal with a 2s comp with a DH in it, and / or survive a DH for very long while playing double DPS vs DH/Disc especially.

    Any help appreciated
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    I was looking through the pages of my forum post and i saw this link you posted, maybe answering now would be pointless, however i think i owe it to you since i didn't answer it back then.

    Dh has infinate self healing while in meta, so most of the time you need to kill him in stuns so he can't outright heal your damage, disc on the other hand has a various tool kit to immune your double dps goes, PS / barrier / grip / instant healing via radiance.

    To counter these classes as double dps you need clean stun goes with a stun on both of them into a sheep on healer and do that standard rogue/mage 'go' as people say!

    It's probably not useful information now but i thought i'd do the courtesy of answering now!

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