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    8.1 changes to resto

    Hey all. So now that the 8.1 changes are hitting Iím sure we all have a lot of questions about the changes to resto.

    1) What pvp talent will you take to replace rippling waters?

    2) Should we be swapping out the Earth Shield talent for Echo of the Elements to keep 2x riptide?

    3) Any thoughts on the new azerite trait? Is 3x surging tide still the way to go?

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    The talents you take instead of rippling waters will be dependent on what comp you face, so play around with them.

    I think earth shield will still be a good talent in that tier vs alot of match ups, we will have to see how it plays out in 8.1 and as for azerite traits, there will be a guide coming out soon, hopefully this week!

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