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    8.01 PVP Traits For Survival

    I have seen very mixed reviews on azerite traits for a Survival Hunter recently with the pre patch suggestions being WS and latent poison or BT. The video arena guide contradicts this and suggests WS and Battlefield Focus and Wildfire Cluster!! With the new traits out and videos for 8.01 taking time to make... can we get a quick list/run down of viable arena traits we should be targeting in this new patch.

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    Disyo (who's currently the highest rated hunter) prefers to use 1x WS (head) and 2x Battlefield Precision/Focus (shoulders/chest).

    You can also use Latent on shoulders and chest if you want, but Disyo definitely recommends using that WS head.

    Also if you want a more defensive option, the PvP chest with Venomous Fangs comes with the Feign Death trait.

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