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    Is FLS in the current state of game playable on a decent mmr (2.2k+)? I would like to play affli but maybe is destro much better... what are ur thoughts about this comp and what would be the main strat of this comp?

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    I'd Recommend playing destro, as afflcition is a little bit underwhelming right now and relys on the drain life traits, which can easily be countered.

    Normally you'd want to bash the healer into a fear, using most Counterspells on the healer and have the DPS as your main kill target.

    Having a paladin healer, is overall a better comp, as the pally can play rep for that extra CC Chain, aswel as having BoP so the warlock can get more chaos bolts off.

    You could probably get 2.2+ as FLS but ln general id try to play with a paladin healer.

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