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    How do you play frost?

    Im trying to figure it out. I just came back to game and mostly played fire. I play frost like i did in wotlk, but that does not work. How do I open? How do I sustain damage? Seems like my frostbolts hit like wet noodles.

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    Frost mage doesn't realy have much sustained damage, its normally burst. There are numerous ways to do it, but most of your damage will come from orb>cometstorm>icenova.

    On how you open, it depends what comp your playing, for instance if your playing RMP your rogue should sap the healer and then kidney shot the kill target, whilst you pop orb>comestorm>nova, and try to resheep the healer.

    Another thing to remember is to try use blizzard as much as possible, as it resets your frozen orb.

    Frost mage is one of the best classes at crowd controlling, you normally want to go for polymorphs off DR on the enemy healer, and remember to kite as best as you can by keeping the enemy slowed.

    This guide should give you a better understanding.
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