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    Hi guys, i've been struggling in duels lately, how can i beat ferals, rogues and hunters(as fury mainly or arms)?
    Thank you

    P.S When is the Fury KFC video coming out

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    I would like to see KFC guide as well. From Warrior AND Hunter's perspectives.

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    I posted in another thread about dueling:

    Quote Originally Posted by Mystic View Post
    Dueling is definitely something that fell in popularity over the last few years but the recent community ran dueling tournament may have actually kick started a new trend in dueling so we may actually get some duel content going soon.
    As for the KFC guide, the comp heavily fell out of favor recently with the shift in meta towards casters so it's unlikely we'll have a KFC guide out soon. Joefernandes is working on warrior guides next week though, so whatever ends up being a popular comp when the new season starts is something we'll have content on.

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    For rogues I use all the healing talents. fresh meat, impending victory and furious charge. then I also take all the healing pvp talents, slaughter house, battle trance and commanding shout one. out of a stun I hit impending and off the bat I hit commanding shout pvp talented. then for hunters just use double charge and storm bolt them when they are about to jump away from you or fear them to stop the jump. for ferals, use spell reflect against thorns and reflect thorn damage back onto them. its a double dps increase so they die super fast and have to run. thirst for battle helps

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