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    Comp Help

    My friends and I are playing LSD/P (destro/ele/druid or Pally) now that we are higher rated, most people just line our damage. (My stormkeeper and my locks Dark Soul).

    We usually play in position where our locks sits in the middle and I'm near both healer and lock so I can baby sit/help with burst (mainly a triangle formation).
    Is there a better position we can be in to better help us line up kills?

    Should we play opposite sides of the pillar when they do line so atleast on of us can hit them, or should we turtle so they have to come back out?

    It would be awesome to get a guide on this as well!!


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    You should just sit back and let them come to you, especially on the bigger open maps like Nagrand and Tol'viron. Every time they push in they'll be under a ton of pressure but if you chase them into awkward positions when you don't have pressure you'll make the game risky for yourself. So be patient and just wait for your win conditions to present themselves every time opponents push in.

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