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    Broke my first hunter trap - feels good.

    So - I've had a keybind for a macro to provoke a hunter's pet to break my trap for a while now.

    For the most part it has failed to be of use for a number of reasons:

    1. The hunter is on me and trapping partner.
    2. I hit it and pet didn't break trap (this happened once, I felt it should have worked timing might have been off).
    3. Not pressing the button.

    But last night the hunter grappled himself over to me - and I hit my provoke macro.
    At first I thought the hunter hadn't gone for the trap - but I could see in my interrupt bar that his trap had just gone on cooldown - so it looks like the pet broke the trap instantly.

    Felt good - (felt like the first time I deathed a poly as a priest years ago).

    It was made sweeter as we went on to win this game and I got my rival achievement as a result.

    Thought I'd share with my fellow monks - feels like a right of passage

    EDIT: I probably should have ported for more reliable avoidance but was out of range of it at the time)

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    That's awesome man! For those wondering what he's talking about, check out this guide: http://www.skill-capped.com/watch/12...y-hunter-trap/

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